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Sexual Reclamation

Reclamation; the process of claiming something back or reasserting a right.

Service Description

V-Saga’s Sex Reclamation course is an insightful and educational journey that will help answer a lot of the commonly asked questions around abuse with a unique and rare scientific and psychological perspective. It even answers questions many wouldn’t know to ask and bring forward great understanding and healing. This course is made for anyone with an open mind, whether you have experienced abuse or not, to further grow awareness and educate everyone on the widely taboo and unexplored topic of sexual abuse - in hopes of both deep healing and preventing abuse. Often sexual abuse can leave people internally struggling. This course will bring freedom, peace, education, understanding and above all HEALING.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

This course requires an active and current subscription to the V-Saga App.

Contact Details

  • 950 North Central Avenue, Upland, CA, USA


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