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"We are love, light and power."

Raquel Veisaga

Healing & Life Coach | Spiritual Activist
Emotional Intelligence & Empowerment Guide

Raquel Veisaga is the founder of Body Rituals Yoga and Fitness, Peace & Happiness Workshops and Podcast, and the transformative V-Saga coaching and courses that have healed and empowered thousands. 

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Raquel has guided clients from all walks of life, from the struggling impoverished to the extremely successful 1%. She has guided many professionals in the psychology field who revere her coaching and teaching style as innovative and a true gift in helping people break free from limiting beliefs, traumas and current every-day challenges. 

She embodies the idea that we are love, light and power so long as we choose to claim it. Although her practices and teachings are universal, she personally believes in the words of Christ, that “we will go on to do things bigger than he, if we so believe it”. Her goal is to one day see the Shuman Scale, also known as what NASA calls the “heartbeat of the earth”, rise to the highest level, signifying world peace and happiness.

It is truly Raquel's grandest conviction that we can create lives we love.

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