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Peace & Happiness Podcast

Welcome to the Peace & Happiness Podcast which is hosted by your emotional intelligence and healing guide, Raquel Veisaga!


We have so much information today, an actual information overload, on how to acquire peace and happiness - yet so few of us seem to enjoy an abundance of either. Despite the many writings, books, conferences, activities, coaches, programs, and more available to us, true peace and happiness elude so many. It's almost a myth - like a unicorn. We can sometimes think the key is to stay in a bubble, keep toxic things or people out, or just do what we want. However, none of these seem to bring deeper states of peace or happiness.


The Peace and Happiness workshop has given participants clarity and lightness - they leave walking out understanding how peace and happiness are already their own. It is not outside of themselves; it can not be found in things or in people, it is not something to possess or a milestone to reach, it is not something to give, it is an inside job. It is our birthright. In its purest form, it is who you are, who I am, who we are.

The Peace and Happiness Podcast will provide you with the how.  Many of us are told to move on but how do we move on? We know that we need to let go, but how do we let go? This podcast surpasses information, education, or intellectual understanding. It will give you the skills and tools that will allow you to embody and experience true peace and happiness. When we search within and let go of the fallacies and lies we will find power, love, and light.

Peace and Happiness podcast is for every type of person, the person who is trying to further and master both throughout their lives, the person who is willing to believe it is possible but does not necessarily see it for them in their current state or situation, and even the person who finds it impossible to believe that peace and happiness could ever be theirs. 

Join us and see that it really is possible! Stop chasing a unicorn and begin living a life you love.

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